Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Self Portrait from hell

For our first project using Adobe Illustrator, we were assigned to make a self portrait entirely out of squares (or rectangles, any quadrilateral for that matter.) Everyone in the class opened Photo Booth and from there we spent a rather excessively unnecessary but fun time taking selfies. Our goal was to use a photo that best describes us so, I thought what better pose than me falling out of my chair clinging to the table for dear life.
Starting out, it went really well. Until I went overboard and dug myself into a deep deep hole. I had made it too complicated, and the file size was getting too large. Adobe started crashing, I started saving every fifteen minutes, and then every ten, until it was so large it actually took ten minutes to save. After about 27 hours, six exports to jpeg and reimports back into Illustrator, this is what I ended with:

I feel that I could have adjusted the table a bit more, but it is what it is.
Here's some details to show the actual squares: