Thursday, May 1, 2014

Makin' the Photoshop things

Our last project in Digital Foundations is to do whatever we want! WhooHoo! So of course I couldn't think of anything to do right? Eventually out of necessity I decided to just go ahead and recreate my 2D final in photoshop. However, considering the fact that I had enough trouble just making one version of that project, I decided to ditch that idea.
Instead, I decided to go with something not only less time consuming, but also useful! Business cards! Are you pumped cause I'm pumped. I'm designing my very own business cards.
After having worked for a while on my final digital portfolio in InDesign, and having come up with a color scheme and layout that I was rather fond of if I do say so myself, I decided that I would make my business cards reflect that as well.
This ended up being what I came up with!

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