Thursday, April 10, 2014

What's in a week? Part two: critique

DID THE THING. In class we had a rather different version of critique than normal. Instead of having the entire class critique everyones project, we split off into groups of three (ok there was one group of four, but that's not important). My group included Mandie and Toonky. (psst, if you click their names, you'll end up on their blogs…) 

And so we set up a thingy that looked like this:




( - )

(- -)

The ++ being what we thought was the best thing going on in the project. O was our overall opinion on it. And -- was what needed the most improvement.

This is what mine ended up!

(++)    Organization of it was easy to follow

(+)      It was personal

(o)      Overall they seemed to like it, said it was "really nice" and colorful

( - )     The words need work. Suggestion of using hierarchy? Maybe stacking them

(- -)     Words need to be bigger

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